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Bio I: The Division and Sixth Iteration

"Pain is inevitable. Suffering is optional."
-Haruki Murakami
PB: Keisuke Asano
Time Zone: US Mountain
Player: Megan
Contact: DM this journal

Kira was the promising son and protege of a leader in the Manhattan psychic community, set to inherit his mother’s shop and the brownstone that had been in the family for three generations, home to local psychics and family members from across the globe. He was bright, caring, responsible, but as these things do, everything changed in his teens.

At sixteen, Kira met the boy he hoped to spend the rest of his life with; then he dreamed the fiery end of that life just ten years down the line. He stopped trying at school, and only made it another year before dropping out entirely. He threw himself into New York’s club scene and the exploration of his sexuality, leaving the wards for his empathy at home and numbing with drugs and alcohol instead.

Only ever able to hold Ty at arm’s length, he maintained the friendship even through Ty’s mysterious, four year absence in their twenties, and with his return and the two year deadline on his life, he started to settle down and repair things with his family, though he had no illusions about taking over the business.

The quarantine of New York after the release of the Green Poison virus feels like his logical end, but a last minute decision spares him his fate. See his full history at the bottom of this page for information on his actions during canon.

Age: 26
Height: 5'7"
Build: Thin, compact
Eyes: Dark brown, thin but dark lashes
Hair: Black, messy on top, close cropped on back and sides
Dress: Modern, hip-hop/street style, androgynous, dark or bold colors, bold patterns, skinny jeans and sweat pants

Kira is here to kick ass and chew bubblegum, and he’s never been out of bubblegum before. He’s only recently had to take his life seriously, having found that he might actually have to live it.

Before his mid-teens, teachers praised his intelligence and a surprising, quiet charisma—he excelled at group projects, steered but didn’t lead discussions, and reacted to conflict with easy humor. People expected great things from him, saw the seeds of a life that would be well-lived, a boy who would heal as many hearts as he broke—and saw the green shoots of those seeds die in a sudden frost.

He made friends who weren’t really friends, just people to dance and get high with. He skipped class, barely graduated, shrugged off guidance counselors and distraught parents with the same airy smiles and easy attitude. He wasn’t worried about it—why should they be?

Living without a care doesn’t mean he’s been living without empathy, though. It’s because he cares about others that he doesn’t let them close, doesn’t make himself important to their lives, doesn’t let them think he’s frightened, or hurting. Everything his mother told him about putting on a show—hiding his very real gifts, letting people think he’s all spectacle without substance—he puts into his daily life. He’s a placid lake with flirtatious waves—possessing hidden depths of occult power and absolute fucking terror, numbing despair, and a desperate desire to matter before he’s gone.

And he did—he did matter to Ty, but not enough for Ty to stay when he asked, or the universe to let him finish saving him before it turned inside-out. Kira doesn’t know if he can do it again, if he can show anyone the bad when he’s so good at shoving it under the rug, and people have been so good at dismissing or shying away from it.

Kira is a performer, struggling to decide what’s left now that the curtain’s dropped on a ten-year show. There are no more parties, no more doomsday dreams, and his audience is made up of strangers. He’s going to have to decide if that’s what he wants them to always be, when he might be stuck with them for the rest of a natural life.

Status: Bereaved / Single
Sexuality: Kinsey 4
Alignment: True Neutral
Hometown: New York City

Levels vary based on game rules, but Kira is a psychic and empath, unable to read minds but tuned into probability and emotions. He is gifted in tarot reading and has some training in purification and exorcism rituals, can read omens best in his hometown of New York, and understands basic palm-reading techniques.

Kira is a decent cook, excels at de-escalating situations and talking his way out of things, and displays an above-average intelligence despite only having a GED. His areas of knowledge focus on the occult, mythology, human psychology, and some knowledge of home-remedies and alternative medicine. Due to having to dramatize readings at the shop, Kira is also skilled at sleight of hand. Kira has a decent singing voice, but he doesn't use it often.

Backtag: Ask
4th Wall: No
Threadjack: Ask
Mindread: Yes
Fight: Yes
Romance: Yes
Hug/Kiss: Yes
Injure: Yes
Kill: Not if death is permanent; ask
Age IG: 26
Scrubs: Black
Status: Single
Home: House 39 (Bodhi Rook)
Pets: Aurora (German Shepherd), Hoshi (Crow)
Plot: link
During October 2017 Kira is going home to finish getting Ty the medication he needs in gang-controlled Manhattan. He will return with a stitched up wound curling up from his ear and no memory of his previous time in the village.
Kira has small scars on his fingers and a hook shaped scar curling up from his left ear, where he was hit with a grazing shot during his canon update. He will be reacquainted with his wardrobe and going into the colder months resume wearing his jeans and flannels, and will still regularly be accompanied by a young crow and black German Shepherd.
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