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Sep. 22nd, 2034 10:01 am
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I don't know how you got this number, but leave a message or skip to the unsolicited dick pics.

Okay, vaguely solicited.
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The bass of the club lingers in Kira's headphones, still not enough to drown out the heart of the city.  It's in the crowd at the platform, the echo of the train between tiled walls, the pitch and sway of everyone in their seats.  It's late enough, going on early enough, that the cars empty before he's too close to home, but he stays with his back to a pole, leaned up against it and closing his eyes sometimes to let the night ride out ahead of him in a stream of music and momentum.

It's not like he has to leave Chelsea to find a club, but he does have to cross town sometimes if he wants to hook up.  A lot of guys in his neighborhood think their twin from the UK is exotic, and are too intimidated to hit the almost historic scenes in Harlem, dance the night away with their sisters pressed close enough to feel the coke sweat on clammy skin and try to hold them close like you can hold them in the world a little longer.  

The music's better too, and he's draining his phone to emergency calls only trying to keep enjoying it. 

When the music cuts and his phone beeps its dying breaths, Kira opens his eyes.  The car's shifted closer to empty, sparse riders in the curved seats.  He keeps his gaze hooded and even, dragging over the occupied spaces, headphones left in to provide their own barrier against the world.  Eye contact can break it, and careful as he tries to be, when he flicks his gaze sideways, the blond guy in the seat between him and the doors is looking back.

That's weird enough, Kira doesn't look away, brows just starting to lift and eyes open fully when he gives him another once-over.  They're about the same age, and the attention doesn't feel aggressive, or a precursor to it.  It feels like the guy needed a place to rest his eyes before he fell asleep in his seat, judging by the dark circles and hair tousled like a hand's gone back through it too many times today.  There's an overstuffed bag in the seat next to him, the corner of a hard bound book pushing free under the flap, and the dark circles are in part smudges swiped onto the guy's cheeks.

Too tired for a last hookup before home, Kira figures, but probably a fun distraction for the ride.  Pushing away from the pole, he walks across the moving train car with only the steadiness of already swaying on his feet.  By the time he reaches him, he's pulled the earbuds from his ears and stowed them in another impossible pocket of his skinny jeans, phone already outlined on his ass and peeking up against the hem.  His shirt is sleeveless and sheer, a black buttondown that goes most opaque at its hems and collar, thin pockets layered over his chest.  It's already dried of the sweat from a night of dancing, and someone's highlighter has left glittering dust in his hair, small specks of it transferring to the bag when he drags it over one seat and slides into its place.  

"You look at me like you know me," he greets, lifting the strap over his own shoulder and getting comfortable.  "Maybe you should come back to mine and jog my memory."
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Kira is a psychic, a fortune teller, sensitive to spirits and signs, the fates and emotions of others.  He uses cards and flashes of insight like an extra sense: this is about imagery, intuition.  The effect can be heightened by physical contact.  The effect can be managed with meditative practices, muted by "downer" drugs and alcohol, or muted/canceled by spells and magic.  His mother drew wards on the backs of his original tarot deck to assist in his daily life in Manhattan.

What he can do: Predict likely futures and gain insight to people through the use of cards, especially tarot.  Read omens in the flights of birds and fall of stones/bones/runes.  Use dowsing and scrying tools to focus his abilities.  Sense spirits and perform certain rituals to appease or remove them, though his methods are more intuitive than precise.  He is more intuitive than practiced in general, he was not a very good student when it came to exorcisms.  He has dreamt of events concerning himself and those closest to him, unaided by tools, but never about events concerning strangers.  He can intuit the feelings of others, usually through impressions that relate to his own experiences and subject to his interpretation.  At full strength and touching another person, he can experience emotions with them, though he hates to do this.

What he cannot do: read minds, know the content of thoughts, know or read into the past; dream of large-scale future events, beyond their effect on people close to him; he cannot gain insight from objects or know the intent and emotions of animals, only people or spirits.

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